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GuJaRaTi's Journal
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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008
2:01 pm
An official India community for LJ

Greetings from LJ_India, the new official India community we’re piloting to connect all our India users.

We’re writing to invite you to take a first look at the Community as it’s launched and share your feedback. You’re, of course, under absolutely no obligation to join, but we’d be delighted if you did :)

Do join us at http://community.livejournal.com/lj_india/ and let's get this conversation started!

Cheers and thanks,


Team Blogworks for LiveJournal India

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, July 13th, 2006
11:18 am
Mmm I'm enjoying gatya and cha at work. How fobby is that?
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
11:27 pm
Is everyone's family in India okay?  I heard that a lot of Gujaratis were affected.  Thankfully all of my mamas, mamis, masas and masis and cousins are okay.  Close call though. 

Current Mood: relieved
Wednesday, June 21st, 2006
10:02 am
How do you say goosebumps in gujarati?
Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
8:12 am
1st Patel: I'm so kanjoos I didn't take my wife on a honeymoon, I just went twice by myself..

2nd Patel: You think that's bad, I sent my wife with my friend!

Hahahahaha that was lame but someone sent it to me. Has anyone watched Aishwarya's new movie Mistress of Spices? Is it even out yet? She has so many coming out I can't even keep up! The other day I was fooling around with some of my south indian friends that no one speaks Telugu (cause that's what they speak) but I soon realized that Telugu is offered at more universities and all that kind of thing than Gujarati is, and my friends dissed me by replying that Aishwarya knows Telugu but not Gujarati!
Monday, May 29th, 2006
7:41 am
Hey u guys. As I mentioned in here previously, I was a flowergirl/bridesmaid type at this girl's wedding yesterday. It was really nice!! I didn't actually do much - there were 3 of us flower girls and one main bridemaid, who is the bride's first cousin. It was really fun though! Particularly the stealing of the shoes. The groom's side outsmarted us unfortunately, but we all became good friends and bonded so much over the weekend. it was so unfair cause there were 20 of them and only 4 of us kids on the brides side, as none of our cousins or anything could make it. At the reception last night there was a dance-off between the groom's and the brides' side, and the groom's side insist that they won but I think otherwise.

Anyway, would u suggest learning Hindi before learning Guj? I've read in some places that that's the way to go. I'd rather just learn Guj first though haha. At the moment I'm so busy with exams but after that I shall be seeing Hansa-ben (my Guj teacher) very often. Which is quite a scary thought.
Thursday, May 11th, 2006
5:32 pm
How is everyone? My Guju learning is slow..but sure. I have been so busy lately with exams and school in general and haven't been able to go for any Guj lessons with my terrifying teacher, aka Hansaben.
However, in about a month's time school will basically be over and I'm planning on going for a couple of lessons a week seeing as I won't have much to do for a while, and plus I'm anxious to learn! My friend AJ has only been going for the past few weeks and already she has learnt so much!

Anyway, in a few weeks my family friend is getting married. She is Gujarati but her husband is South Indian, so for the wedding it's kinda going to be a fusion of the two cultures. I am one of her bridesmaids so I'm pretty excited. I've never actually been to an Indian wedding before, so she was explaining to me about how I have to steal the groom's shoes and all that. Should be really cool.

Do u guys like Sonu Nigam by the way? I went to his concert a couple of weeks ago, and surprisingly I actually understood a lot of the songs. He was excellent, although I did question his choice of dressing.
Friday, April 7th, 2006
9:51 pm
Ajkal thandi bahu pade chhe!
Tuesday, March 28th, 2006
7:43 pm
A book you guys should make a point of reading is LONDONSTANI. The author's name is Gautam Malik. It's basically about a guy called Jas and the three Indian guys he hangs out with: Amit, Harjit and Ravi. It is a mix of Panjabi, Bollywood, slang and texting and I found it so interesting because it was based in London and I could identify all the places mentioned in the book and stuff. When you first read it, the first few chapters seem stupid but make sure to read the whole thing because it is surprisingly deep. When I saw the repeated swearing and all that I thought it was a load of crap but the author covers some really important issues. I don't think it comes out till May but I read a draft copy of it. When it comes out properly I will buy a real copy, you guys should too!
Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
9:38 am
Maara naam purpletigron chhe. Kem chho?

Imagine I am visiting the family of my friend's boyfriend - they are Gujarati Hindus. Is there a more formal introductory greeting I should use on my first visit?

How would I say, "I like..." about food? For example, "I like lasarn bateta."?

Shuukria! Aavjo

Current Mood: awake
8:12 am
Gujarati 101
Greetings, all!

I would love to learn a few basic 'colloquial Gujarati' words and phrases. A friend of mine is getting seriously involved with a Gujarati guy, and starting to try to learn his language. I want to be able to help her :-)
Sunday, October 30th, 2005
11:56 am
My aunts (a.k.a. masis) went to a psycic yesterday..

one aunt, Salma, has no children. and she is in her 50's now so its really too late..
but the psycic told her she will adopt an Indian baby girl, with fair skin, aged three years old.

Psycics are usually crap but this one knew a lot of stuff about my family. So I am really hoping this comes true!! I would love a little cousin (all my cousins are much older than me, in their 30's).

The psycic then said my cousin Natasha will get married next year and have a baby girl.

So two new babies in the family?? If this is true, it will be so exciting!! My aunt wants me to look for nice indian girl names - in case this does come true..I figure I will need two girl names if the psycic is really right about my cousin having a baby next year!

These are my favourites so far but I'd love everyones input on their favourite girl name

These are mine:

Lalita (a.k.a. Aishwarya Rai in Bride and Prejudice) - Beauty

Kiran - Ray of Light. (I have a friend called Kiran)

Priya - sweetheart, loved one, darling (my best friend is Priya)
Thursday, August 4th, 2005
8:24 pm
Have you guys seen this?


Just wait for it to load, you don't need to download anything.
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
6:53 pm
My Gujarati
What I know in Gujarati, so far:

Kem Cho? - How are you
Saru che - I'm fine
Tu ghadero che - You are a donkey
Ene vhandro che - She/he is a monkey
Tu sunder che - You are beautiful

Ek - One
Be - Two
Traan - Three
Chaan - Four
Paanch - Five

Puthero - Welcome
Awjo - Goodbye/Come again

Jamrookh - Guava.. I think!
Chakli - Bird
Khadio - Ink pot
Zablu - Baby's frock (I know,what the hell? My gujarati teacher is weird.)

(and then I know the name of some foods, but that doesn't really count)

Oh well. I know more than I did a few months ago..
Monday, August 1st, 2005
10:01 pm
Hi everyone--my first article was published today! See www.abcdlady.com

My article is in the From Confused to Confident Section and entitled "Desi Men: Chivalry vs. Chauvinism"

I hope you like it :)
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
10:11 am
Saturday, February 25th, 2006
9:51 am

ooh!! I have to go tomorrow!!!!!

Current Mood: bouncy
Wednesday, February 9th, 2005
9:43 am
Hi, looking for guj friends on the net. I'm from Cape Town, with guju roots.

Current Mood: cheerful
Saturday, December 25th, 2004
7:07 pm
Guj tuiton!
So as from January 2005 I'll be doing Gujarati tuition with a bunch of indian friends. Im SO excited!!!!

Punam, don't worry. We can still have our Guj 101:)

Merry xmas, again.
Friday, December 24th, 2004
8:39 pm
Mai Hoon Na
Who's watched Mai Hoon Na? its a cool movie! Where cud I get the soundtrack>>? I think it's better than Kal Ho Naa Ho!

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