clubhopper15 (clubhopper15) wrote in gujarati,

My Gujarati

What I know in Gujarati, so far:

Kem Cho? - How are you
Saru che - I'm fine
Tu ghadero che - You are a donkey
Ene vhandro che - She/he is a monkey
Tu sunder che - You are beautiful

Ek - One
Be - Two
Traan - Three
Chaan - Four
Paanch - Five

Puthero - Welcome
Awjo - Goodbye/Come again

Jamrookh - Guava.. I think!
Chakli - Bird
Khadio - Ink pot
Zablu - Baby's frock (I know,what the hell? My gujarati teacher is weird.)

(and then I know the name of some foods, but that doesn't really count)

Oh well. I know more than I did a few months ago..
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