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Hey u guys. As I mentioned in here previously, I was a flowergirl/bridesmaid type at this girl's wedding yesterday. It was really nice!! I didn't actually do much - there were 3 of us flower girls and one main bridemaid, who is the bride's first cousin. It was really fun though! Particularly the stealing of the shoes. The groom's side outsmarted us unfortunately, but we all became good friends and bonded so much over the weekend. it was so unfair cause there were 20 of them and only 4 of us kids on the brides side, as none of our cousins or anything could make it. At the reception last night there was a dance-off between the groom's and the brides' side, and the groom's side insist that they won but I think otherwise.

Anyway, would u suggest learning Hindi before learning Guj? I've read in some places that that's the way to go. I'd rather just learn Guj first though haha. At the moment I'm so busy with exams but after that I shall be seeing Hansa-ben (my Guj teacher) very often. Which is quite a scary thought.
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