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How is everyone? My Guju learning is slow..but sure. I have been so busy lately with exams and school in general and haven't been able to go for any Guj lessons with my terrifying teacher, aka Hansaben.
However, in about a month's time school will basically be over and I'm planning on going for a couple of lessons a week seeing as I won't have much to do for a while, and plus I'm anxious to learn! My friend AJ has only been going for the past few weeks and already she has learnt so much!

Anyway, in a few weeks my family friend is getting married. She is Gujarati but her husband is South Indian, so for the wedding it's kinda going to be a fusion of the two cultures. I am one of her bridesmaids so I'm pretty excited. I've never actually been to an Indian wedding before, so she was explaining to me about how I have to steal the groom's shoes and all that. Should be really cool.

Do u guys like Sonu Nigam by the way? I went to his concert a couple of weeks ago, and surprisingly I actually understood a lot of the songs. He was excellent, although I did question his choice of dressing.
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